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Shortly from my life ...


               I was born on March 23,1961 in a village in the region of "Valassko".  The nearby Hostyn Hills separate the regions of Hana and Valassko.  I live in a small village Chomyz.  This recreation area is east of Kromeriz and 300 km east of Prague,. the capital city of the Czech Republic.  The highest mountain is Kelcsky Javornik which is 865m.  Saint Hostyn is a well known pilgrimage place in the Hostyn Hills.  There in a countryside setting is the Holy Virgin Basilica, a graveyard, and an up to date windmill.


            I started as a radio amateur on team OK2KQG at Bystrice pod Hostynem in 1973.  I was first licensed in 1978 as OL6AWA.  My first radio Amateur stations was Tramp 160 with 10 watts input.  At age 19 my youth license ended and I began to study at army college in Liptovsky Mikulas in Slovakia.  I passed a new exam at Bratislava in 1980 and got a license in 1984 and the callsign OK2PLB  which was changed to OK1PLB after a year when I moved to Plzen.  After 1985 I was QRV on 2m band with friends clubs OK1KDE/OK1KPL/Plzen.  Some pictures are on the noticeboard.

             In 1992 I moved back to Moravia and changed my callsign after a year to OK2PLB and in l997 I made the last change of class to A and callsign OK2AB.  I prefer shortwave contests on 2m or 1.8/3.5 Mhz bands, but sometimes I try big contests or work with my computers.
Also I like internet and especially chatting.



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